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All Saints

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What we can do

All Saints Church has kept a watchful and welcoming eye over Birling for generations.  It is a building to be loved, treasured and enjoyed. Fortunately it has a long history of being supported by the persistent hard work and generosity of parishioners .

Let's put Birling on the map

  It is an ongoing challenge to restore, maintain and even improve our Church. In 1987 the completed restoration of the tower and bells meant they could peal again after a 40 year silence and in 2004 the chancel was finally restored to its former glory after many years of being sealed from view.

It's up to us

Whilst projects can often access significant grant funding, they invariably require a contribution to unlock the funds. This is a call to action for our generation to do our bit and also to come and enjoy this beautiful building.

About Us


Friends at Birling All Saints – ‘FAB-AllSaints’.

 If you feel privileged to live in Birling and value the beautiful building that stands elevated over our gorgeous village, then you need to read on, and hopefully become part of FAB- AllSaints!  Birling ,an area of outstanding natural beauty, we perhaps take for granted our church will stand here forever, strong, powerful and majestic, but it needs our help to flourish. 

 Fund raising in Birling is by far not a new concept , a wonderful group of folks past and present have been fundamental in achieving this to date , this is merely the ‘class of 2018’ edition. 

 Two particular differences for this year are that we have the support of the Vicar to use the church for other events. It’s a wonderful space, surprisingly bright and airy that will lend itself to a host of other functions. Secondly, we have a goal, we want to add a kitchen and a toilet, so that we can grow to offer more events in the Church and village.  So whether the importance of the Church to you is to join the congregation on Sundays, or you prefer to drop in to the Church for Easter or Christmas. Maybe walking your dog in the adjacent fields that sit in the Church’s shadow is perfect for you. Here’s an opportunity to use it some more, include more of our villagers and generate income – We see this as a win win !

Have your say !

Email us with your ideas for events in the village .Suggestions need to be appropriate – and in-keeping. Concerts, quiz events, workshops, fashion shows etc. And for those events; whether you offer ideas , volunteer, participate, spread the word or attend – it’s all great ! Soon we will send a ‘SAVE THE DATE ‘this will be our meeting of minds , come and see the space .

 You'll see we have some events already planned , hope you can come along ! 

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